Other books by Jane and Adam:

A bullied Jewish boy makes a golem to protect him…and to play drums in his band!

"Yolen and Stemple weave a magical coming-of-age story that addresses the themes of bullying, friendship, good versus evil, first crushes, and making good decisions."--Booklist

A Minnesota boy band gets dragged into Trollholm where they must rescue the twelve dairy princesses from carniverous trolls and discover the secret of the mysterious Fossegrim.

"Drawing elements from 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' and 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff,' [Yolen and Stemple] give folklore a modern spin in an entertaining tale."--Booklist

Callie McCallan must save her brother and her town from the Pied Piper--an exiled prince of Faery who plays in a band and steals children to pay off an ancient debt. The 2006 Locus Magazine Best Young Adult book.

"A strong, resourceful girl, a Faery land where ethical questions are posed, and some fun poked at baby boomer parents make this an entertaining as well as meaty read."--American Library Association