The Seelie Wars is a new trilogy by award-winning authors, Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple. The first book, The Hostage Prince, is for sale now at your local independent book store!


6/27/14 -- Paperback is out! Woot!

4/5/14 -- I love when these get made for our books. Check out this lesson plan for The Hostage Prince.

4/4/14 -- The Last Changeling scheduled for a november release. Work on book 3 begins!

10/15/13 -- Just finished last chap of The Last Changeling: The Seelie Wars Book 2!!!! Finishing the first draft feels awesome. We're still going to have a fair amount of rewriting--even before we get our editorial letter--but that never takes away from the exultation of bringing a book from concept to completion. Yeah, us!

8/16/13 -- We're up to chapter 20 in the sequel! Twists and turns and trolls, oh my!